Tim Anadyr concert 2014-07-12

Magnuz Binder
Magnuz Binder
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Some images from the really good Tim Anadyr concert at region Beeblebrox 2014-07-12. Next time he comes around, be there or be square! He and Russell Eponym are playing in about the same league, which means great entertainment.
Click previews for full sized images.
MB_Metro_190_.jpg MB_Metro_191_.jpg MB_Metro_192_.jpg MB_Metro_193_.jpg MB_Metro_194_.jpg MB_Metro_195_.jpg


  • Minethere Always
    Minethere Always
     Member edited 8:21AM
    Odd, Magnuz, this photo circulating around the net has 3,193.487.88 views, so far!! ty Tim for performing for us and zaphod Enoch for hosting-))

  • Lena Vanilli
    Lena Vanilli
     Administrator edited 8:21AM
    Schade! ;( Ich wäre gern dabei gewesen! Aber ich habe mal wieder dieses neue Rollenspiel getestet:
    off-topics/der-postillion-testet-neuen-second-live-ableger-t3697.html :lol:

    Ich hoffe dass ich da eine zweite Chance bekomme. ;)
  • zaphod Enoch
    zaphod Enoch
     Member edited 8:21AM
    The "BluesFabrik" is very happy that the choice of fantastic folk musician Tim Anadyr has met the taste of the audience. Thank you very much. The "BluesFabrik" will try it's best to offer great musicians for the Hyperverse people in the future.
  • Minethere Always
    Minethere Always
     Member edited 8:21AM
    oh, that is so funny Lena-)) I missed that post so ty for pointing us/me back to it. I am going to try and log into that new verse!!

    I love how Zaphod is doing all this, we only need to somehow get the word out better, and to the rest of the HG Meta more. I wish I could help more in this.
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