I can't get my region to stay running

Olive Tor
Olive Tor
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When I tried to run my server yesterday i got this error message:

Regions Avatarland and Avatarland have the same UUID 54d73d3e-75ee-4edf-95c3-7636f575b931
12:28:33 - [LOAD REGIONS PLUGIN]: Halting startup due to conflicts in region configurations

I only have one region.

I tried different things, but I finally got it working by reinstall everything with fresh software, but keeping the same database and region UUID.

Today, when I woke up, I got the same error message. And every time I log in, I need to redress my avatar, putting on the mesh clothes and the hair. Very irritating.

Any idea what is wrong and how I can fix it?


  • Lena Vanilli
    Lena Vanilli
     Administrator edited 8:21AM
    Huhu Olive,

    I don't know the reason exactly. Cause there is only one entry in the grid table for this region. But I set it back, so the problem should be solved.

    Has your simulator properly connect to the grid at anytime? And was your region online? I saw, that you run a home-server. Do you have a static ip-address or a dynamic IP-address. If your IP-address change from time to time, you have to use the Metro-version of OpenSim. In the Regions.ini you have to place the word SYSTEMIP at item "ExternalHostName" then.

  • Olive Tor
    Olive Tor
     Member edited 8:21AM
    Yes, it must have solved it. I didn't get an error message this time. Weird.

    So I should have the word SYSTEMIP? I usually put my no-ip name there? And yes, I downloaded the linux version from your site (I'm on a Mac)

    Thanks :)
  • Sheera Khan
    Sheera Khan
     Moderator edited 8:21AM
    Huhu Olive,

    glad the problem is resolved for now. Since you downloaded the metro-edition of OpenSimulator you should leave the word SYSTEMIP there as it accelerates the network traffic a bit. Your no-ip - address would work too but it is an additional and time consuming step to resolve the IP-address of your computer via the nameservers of no-ip.

    Have a lot of fun

  • Olive Tor
    Olive Tor
     Member edited 8:21AM
    Thanks :)
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