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some people are stil in ssh and see in commando ll..
you think aha a blank folder.. is it not real all seem it blank..

all folders in unix have a hide namestored data with timestamps this reason you see in blank folders 4096 kilobites

where have i also see this 4096 yeap in opensim plots...

ll.png 15.5K


  • Pius Noel
    Pius Noel
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    I'm not sure what you want to tell us, but I'll comment on this because I think it's always good to let the users know what they are doing and take the mystery away.

    ll is actually an alias for ls -alF that lists directory contents. It's usually declared in the hidden file .bashrc in the users home directory.
    The options have the following meaning:
    -a = show all entries, do not ignore directories and hidden files (anything starting with a dot)
    -l = use a wide listing format (one entry per line)
    -F = append an indicator (*/=>@|) to classify the entry; e.g. a / at the end of the line for directories.

    Instead of -a you can also use --all as an option and instead of -F you can use --classify.

    As such the following commands, are all doing the same:
    ls -alF
    ls --all -l --classify

    By the way, it's always fun to detect easter eggs implemented by programmers in software products. I was not sure about the Hippo easter egg in the SL viewer, but at least in Firestorm it's still there. When logged in, press <ctrl><alt><shift>H (all together) and watch the chat window :o
  • savino
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    nah i do it allone for fun.. and unix have many hide codes also hide folders..want not upset people with this -a ll and other stuff...

    example create a hide folder is also nice

    root> mkdir .test (dot)test/

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