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this is not a complaint this is user feedback ... want to help metropolis continue to be the best grid in opensim

upload xml files are not even starting to upload or start then stop with no error - inv takes so long to load i am a cloud sometimes 30 minutes or longer ... also many people are telling me same with many re-logs - i see them in start as clouds for long time ... region lag due to metro asset server - try to open box and many times contents do not load ... many others say same ... avi ghosts - must restart region to clear them .. came to my region with osgrid avi and then logged out - logged in with metro account and there is my osgrid avi still standing there ... this happens frequently to myself and others
yesterday i went to osgrid and avi loads within seconds .. xml files upload very fast -- i box the uploads and it takes me "over an hour" to leave a box in my metro region then get it with metro acct ... many attempts including metro sandboxes ... contents do not load, tp fails, crashes, relog fails .. am not having any of these issues other grids .. some days i spend more time waiting to rez, waiting for contents to load, re-logging etc than I do actually using the game ... other times all works great for short time but is not often ... seems like server gets backed up, nothing works then at once it connects and things work for a little time then back to not working
just now start region re-starts, try tp to my region fails, tp to neovo sandbox, that region re-starts so try to tp to dune water - tp fails so i log out ... now can not log back in get error message "log ins disabled" - i try with different metro account and same message ... i see 11 people in metropolis and 2 hg visitors
I am getting many complaints from metro users - i don't know what to tell them as i am having same issues constantly ... they say to me they are thinking of leaving the metro grid .. i love metropolis grid ... i do not want to leave however it has become more time logging in, waiting to rez, waiting for box contents to load, xml file upload fails, tp fails, log in fails, ghosts and not being cleared so can return, avi not able to move .... everyday all day ... this is not a local issue with myself or others
i must believe metro admins must be having same issues as myself and many many others?
after waiting an hour i have been able to log in but not to my region, it is online with one person in region but get sent to metro start region, my region is online
after less than a minute i have been logged out - re-logged to home and again sent to start region and falling from above ... avi rezz'd in about 3-4 minutes but tp to my region fails, tp to dune water fails, tp to neovo sandbox success lol
this is with metro account "oni kiri"


  • Eryn Galen
    Eryn Galen
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    Hey oopsee,
    you mention several issues. Let me try to order them for myself:

    1) Uploading XML files: You say that you cannot upload them. Have you tried from your own region only or tried several including e.g. Sandbox? What viewer is that on? Have you tried more than one viewer?

    2) Clouds: Personally when I am a cloud it is due to my inventory not being loaded yet. What I have found recently though is that I need to open the folder I store my current looks in for me to rezz even after the inventory is fully loaded. Not sure why that is.

    3) Object inventory not loading: I have seen this, but only rarely. Would you be willing to test it? If your viewer has a console window. try opening that and look at it when the object inventory does not load.

    4) Logging issues: I have seen ghosts, but I found they usually clear themselves when I log back in. I have heard others talk of it though. Personally I have no issues with logging whatsoever, so we really need to pinpoint why they occur to several people, but not others.

    I would ask everyone who has those issues to please add to this thread so we may find some common background for it. For this, the admins would probably need the following information:

    - Does the issue occur on all regions? If not, what versions of Opensim are affected?
    - What viewer and what version of the viewer (version number) does the issue occur on?
    - If your viewer has a concole windows, does that show any notification when the issue occurs?
    - If the issue is on your own region and you have console access, does your server show anything (you might need to set the console outfut to "verbose"?

  • oopsee
     Member edited August 2017
    hi and ty,

    XML - I try from metro sandboxes, using an old fs viewer to upload the xml. Tried singularity and would not work at all. Was just in neovo sandbox with friend who also tried to upload xml. I tried a very small xml file 4 assets, it hung after 2 uploaded and textures failed with error of "server experiencing trouble try later". My friends experience was a little better but eventually failed also with the result of crashing out. I tried another and also failed with a crash. This same viewer in osgrd very fast upload with no errors. This leads me to think it is a grid issue not local to me or the viewer.
    CLOUD - this is not a constant, understand about inv loading .. i just logged in to start region with latest firestorm viewer - was a cloud and in two minutes got error message "you have been logged out region may be experiencing trouble". I relog and avi rezz'd pretty fast however unable to walk only rotate. I did get off the landing zone but now stuck and can not move. After about 5 minutes again error message " you have been logged out region may be experiencing trouble. I log back now for 3d try and end up in neovo sandbox ahahaha even though was set to "last location" and that was the start region. Avi rezz'd very fast. Go figure. Avi stuck only can rotate. After about 5 mins avi starts walking from initial attempt. Stuck again and tp fails. My friend who crashed was in start region but also crashed out within a few minutes. I see avi clouds all over and they do not rez for quite some time or they crash. So this is not a local issue to me. Many people have complained to me about this. Just now while chatting to a hg visitor from kitely grid they are cloud entire 15-20 minute duration. I understand hg visitor but i see this often with metro accts too.
    OBJECT INVENTORY - I do have a console but no idea how to copy output. This is also not an issue local to me. I have it happen in my region and get feedback from visitors and also have experienced in metro sandboxes, dune water and also neovo. Was with friend other day in dune water and object contents not loading, objects deleting only after about 5 mins then all requests are filled. Sort of like putting your foot on the gas and the car does not move then later zooms off.
    LOGGING ISSUE - no idea, happens often enough to mention. I have not been able to tp to my region all day even it shows online.
    metro who is online web page ;
    1 AnnMarie Holley adachi Genesismetaverse

    This person shows on the metro "who is online" and has shown to be in the adachi region almost all day however no one is there.
    Opensimworlds web page ;
    Region Status:
    Avatars in region: 0

    this while standing in metro start region ...

    [01:50] Cesca.Merlin adachi is closed?
    cesca left start region ...then returned
    [02:01] oni kiri: hi
    [02:01] oni kiri: not able to go there?
    [02:01] Cesca.Merlin i have been able to go in adachi
    [02:02] oni kiri: oh you did
    [02:02] Cesca.Merlin but no way to come back
    [02:02] Cesca.Merlin i had to relog

    this is not a self hosted region for me so is not a loopback issue. Why others can access even hg visitors and not me hahahahahaha. Truth is i get many complaints from metro accounts and hg visitors they can not access.

    I will say these issues are not constant. They happen often enough to many. I do not experience any of these issues when using osgrid account. So this says to me is not an internet connection, viewer issue or router trouble.

    I sincerely hope this helps and would love to give more technical data but I am not savvy enough. If you like to come to my home in tokyo japan and sit with me that would be great ;P .. i'll even offer you free room and food.

    i was having issues with viewer hanging on log in, thank you Lena that issue has been fixed.

    I know running a grid is a huge amount of work. I also know that there is no grid without issues. I only have been experiencing these issues for about 2 months now and heard from many people who say they are also.
    So please, this is not complaining but really want to help metropolis continue to be the best ever grid in opensim.
    I have suggested to many others to please post here and relay their experience.

  • Eryn Galen
    Eryn Galen
     Moderator CreativeGroup
    I can confirm that you can work around the cloud issue by opening your inventory and wearing and essential body part (hair base, skin, shape, eyes). It seems that Metro is not automatically loading these as attached. Weird.

    I have been uploading XML files without problem. I just tried this one: and it worked without a problem on my region. Trying it on Sandbox it worked as well.
    I am on Singularity viewer, newest release.

    While I cannot come to Japan, what I can do is that we actually get together in Skype and then you login and talk me through what is happening. If you want to do that, PM me.

    Thank you for your response and for pointing people here. 
  • Eryn Galen
    Eryn Galen
     Moderator CreativeGroup
    Hi oopsee, as written inworld in offline IM I can be available this weekend to test. Please be aware that you will be ahead of me timewise. The time difference is approx. 7 hours.
  • Copper Tomsen
    Copper Tomsen
    And it was said in forum before: Newest FS (5.0.7) on windows, has severe problems with OS. I run the 4.7.9 still, and all is fine. Maybe this can be the problem too?
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