create you own simonastick

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opensin in fictive stick and i talk not about sinonastick it go about how fun it is for take opensim where you want
have you never dream snap you region on other computers where you go where you stay...
first download knoppix tested on 7.1 >> Download
you have a iso of then them need burn it on with a stick burner a good one is so far

for this handjob need you 2 sticks a recreated live and a rewritable stick 2

first is create this live stick....

this can take 30 - 45 min to it is burned not forgote sticks are a slow Read/Write of information..

after this all is done need you boot it or setup on bios as first booted item

usb *>

after all this can you start knoppix and create a copy to a other stick see on button on desktop create a usb stick ...if live stick but there can you create it as writable version not as you first stick this is a live stick

after all this silly work take you other stick 2 as rewritable version
reboot computer with this new 2 stick and go in terminal with commando CTrl+alt F1 for go as root

then apt-get update
now after all this go you do

apt-get install mono-complete

this take a time 5 - 10 min

after all this you go back in you desktop


Ctrl+alt F5
then go you to firefox download opensim 9.0   untar-zxvf opensimversion... it and then go you back to

Ctrl+alt F1 where you ended with mono installing

cd /
cd home/knoppix/Desktop/Opensimversion*

mono./OpenSim.exe enter

so here is you opensim burned in you stick+mono
after you not want it
>Region quit
>root halt
computer is off and you can now go or where you want you region is alle time with you....


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