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Neovo Geesink
Neovo Geesink
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As it is not stable, and sometimes impossible to teleport to AvatarFest from Metropolis directly by a Landmark (Unable to verify identity), I have created a workaround.

On *Metropolis*, Sandbox, Sandbox Neovo, *Centerorld*, and Changerooms is a special Teleport Arch which will teleport you to a Teleport Hub first.
In the Teleport Hub, there you can click the wall of it to be teleported to the region AvatarFest.

This seems to work for now, and it might help that this Teleport Hub resides on a Server in the Netherlands.

A HG link to that Teleport Hub (For other Grids) is: Extended
Coordinaes are: 128,128,256

Neovo Geesink.

Thanked by: Han Held


  • Lena Vanilli
    Lena Vanilli
    Huhu Metros,

    some Viewers have troubles to get to Avatarfest 2018. In this case, please go to the start-region *Metropolis* and search via the map for . Teleport and enjoy the exciting exhibition!

    Greetings, Lena

    Thanked by: Han Held
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