Payment for new Avatars?

Sylvia Sonoda
Sylvia Sonoda
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Did I read well and is Metro from now on charging anyone who wants to sign-up a euro or dollar?  So even first timers without a history first have to pay before they can look around on Metropolis?


  • Lena Vanilli
    Lena Vanilli
    @Sylvia Sonoda , First of all, I changed the subject of this posting to be more specific.

    Our intention is that every avatar registered in the METRO is verified. This means that an avatar has a verified e-mail address. We want to prevent unpleasant activities on the grid. But just this announcement has already brought results.

    How this happens in detail is not finalized yet. It is still unclear if we want to tie it to PayPal, or whether we want to do this verifications.

    So: there is still some not finalized.

    Greetings, Lena
  • Sylvia Sonoda
    Sylvia Sonoda
     Member edited February 4
    huh? This really confuses me. The metro change was all about the financial difficulties and now I read we actually had problems with people doing the wrong things? This is a first to me. I never encounted any problem people in Metro in all those years. I find this a strange "new" adding to changed circumstances. So the avatar payment is becasue of wanting verification and not so much about money getting in?  In both cases I think it is a bad bad descision but ofcourse that is only my personal opinion. I fully understand and support the grid asking a small fee for connecting a region. I also support you ask money for migrating ones avatar to preverse name birthdate and inventory and I right away paid my 5 euro. But putting barriers in sign-up will not be good for the Grid I think.
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  • Mareta Dagostino
    Mareta Dagostino
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    Well, the one-time payment of 1€ will never save a grid. It's only to prevent anonymous membership. What creates a continuous money flow is the license fee to connect self-hosted regions. There will be a fee of monthly 1,50€ for each region simultaneously connected to the grid.

    If you have payed the 5€ for avatar migration, you are already verified via PayPal, and no additional fee will be necessary if you build on public sandbox regions. Also Hypergrid visitors can visit the grid anonymously without payment as long as they do not want to build objects on the grid.
  • Sylvia Sonoda
    Sylvia Sonoda
    Mareta, I am not talking about my avatar.  I have my serious doubts on why new avatars wanting to come to Metropolis have to pay. I think it is serious barriere keeping lots of potential people away. The population op OpenSim is already very very small compared to SL. This is not helping it grow. Actually I think it will start the downfall of Metropolis hardly any newcomers will join when they have to verify or pay first and then are allowed to play around. I cannot see a reason why we need to ban anonymous membership. So my questions are:
    1. Why are we scared of anonymous membership?
    2. How many actual incidents related to anonymous avatars were there in the last 5 years in Metro?
    3.Why did it first look the charge was for helping the financial crisis and now 'suddenly' it is about anonymous membership?
    4. Did I miss forum threads or others reports about anonymous membership and where are they?
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