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Hello people of metropolis i am new here and new to opensim in general but i do have a little project that i think should be easy enough but cant seem to get right.
I want to create multiple Physical prims and use the dragging capability to move them however i need without ever getting to use the Edit Panel.
No problem so far on moving them horizontally but i cant get to drag the prims vertically i have read that with Shift+Ctrl i could do it but that just makes them not move at all

Is it just a problem of Input or something that i should change on the prism itself? i have played around with the gravity/density/friction but same

That is my question, i would really appreciate if you could help me.


  • Pius Noel
    Pius Noel
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    Try using the <Ctrl> key.

    I just tried on Windows 10 with Firestorm 6.0.2 (56680) on a region rented from Metropolis (Hypergrid Virtual Solutions UG). The region is running on OpenSim Snail Metropolis Edition [20] Dev with the BulletSim physics engine type. 

    I created a simple 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m prim and set it to Physical.  I was able to drag in horizontal directions with my mouse and I was able to drag it vertically using the mouse when pressing the <Ctrl> key at the same time.

    However, compared to Secondlife the behaviour is very intense. It's difficult to control longer moves in horizontal directions and even more difficult to control the vertical movement.

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