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oddball otoole
oddball otoole
So, i'm (kinda) new here on the new metro grid...  :3

Managed to log in (yay!) and found out that my inventory is a huge pile of empty folders!

The horror!

Noob question #1: How do I delete all those empty folders in a quick way?
I don't want all my stuff back from the old days; just a nice new inv would be cool!

It has been a while since I've been online on virtual worlds, I need to re-learn everything like blender, sculpts, avatar managment, setting up regions, scripting, and a couple of other things.

This brings me to noob question #2: I;ve read somewhere I have to pay to connect a region on the metro grid. How does this work? 
(I donate on a monthly base for the last couple of years!)

Noob question #3: What's with the new login uri? or kind of change in hosting company or something?

Noob question #4: any old friends still active?

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  • savino
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    1..emty is easy as them are many of it i do with next keyboard delete most keyboards have it next up down left right or on nummbers on a dot next zerro it go real fast.
    2..other question you pay a low rental with paypall.. vieuwer need setup as >> login.,
    4..some people are here but so far are most people switch over on other grids..but you can hypergrid and hope find them back.. can learn blender or other things here are people you can help on it..
    have a nice stay and welcome back...
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  • Copper Tomsen
    Copper Tomsen
    Then, welcome back, oddbell!
    All infos about regions, and how-to, are at the Metro main page, with detailed technical info . Site is in german and english. Also the Metro Admin mail adress is there, as well tons of infos. Just read the homepage first, and I am sure you have less questions here.
     And yes, Metro moved to a new domaine some months ago, so it is now
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  • Eryn Galen
    Eryn Galen
    Welcome back, Oddy ;-)

    #3: the login URI is Find all needed info here:

    #2: there is a thread here in the forum that should answer most questions: But the gist is: Just connect and wait for Lena's email ;-)

    #1: In case this is still needed: delete folders the same way as items: right-click on folder, choose delete.

    #4: Me? Well I am not on daily anymore, but still here. Franzi is too.

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  • oddball otoole
    oddball otoole
    Thanks for the replies all!

    I have a region up and running, still figuring out what to do with it.
    A new guitar museum? Maybe a cyberpunk thing, or perhaps a steampunk region or so.

    But first I have to (re)learn blender, haven't touched that program for a while now. ;-)

  • Pius Noel
    Pius Noel
    Cool, good you are back again. The guitar museum would probably be the easiest to start with. 
    Was the guitar museum I've seen once in Metropolis in the past from you? Personally I love steampunk very much.

    I dont know when you used Blender for the last time. For what you need in Opensimulator it did't change much over the past few years - until recently. But recently I used Blender 2.8 for the first time and got a little bit shocked at first. However, after playing around over a weekend, I found my way back.

    I whish you a lot of fun and have a great time ;-)
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  • oddball otoole
    oddball otoole
    A small update:

    I haven't decided what I should do with me region yet.
    I've been using this website (opensimworld) to do some gridhopping the last couple of weeks to see what's new, how ,and what people build, etc.

    I was kinda shocked with the amount of freely available copybotted stuff I found! Also, for me, as an old-user-logging-back-in-after-a-couple-of-years, it's kinda hard to pick out the copybotted stuff.
    What's 'good' and what's 'bad' stuff....

    Please forgive me if I am wearing a botted skin or shape or something!

    Besides doin' some serious gridhopping, I've downloaded Blender 2.8....
    Another shock for poor old Oddy!

    They changed everything!  (Well, it looked like they did)
    So Oddy went to youtube, searched for 'blender 2.8 tutorials' and youtube gave oddy like 100K hits.....

    Yay \0/

    Long story, short version:

    20+ hours of tutorials, A lot of coffee, Oddy is half way there.

    (If anyone is interrested in learning blender, search for blender guru on youtube. Follow his (New) donut tutorial!)

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  • oddball otoole
    oddball otoole
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    Just figuring out how to post a pic here... 

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  • Mareta Dagostino
    Mareta Dagostino
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    Welcome back, Oddy!

    The first: Yes, Blender 2.8 has changed the user interface a lot. But after clicking around some weeks I like the new interface much more. It may be hard for those who did a lot with shortcuts and have developed their own input queues. The new user interface behaves much more as other tools do, they call it "industry standard". There is the option to switch to the old shortcuts and mouse behavior though, but please don't ask me where as I was glad to see the new behavior.

    The copybot problem I solved for me years ago as I bought artwork licenses, meaning graphics sources. Inworld I grab objects to add into my builds only if they are totally fullperm and I know the creator. As I'm more interested in the build pipelines between the diverse tools and "games" as in fast filling up a region with content, for me that's ok. This won't help you in hypergrid freebie stores though, sorry for having no good idea to surely exclude copybotted content if you don't know the creator or a trustful person who knows the creator.

    The second is easier: Upload your pic to an image hoster (as you did). Pick the direct link to the image on their site. You tried it but have chosen the website link ".../image/8GVTO" instead of directly linking to ".../images/2019/09/28/shack.png". Then click in top of the edit window on the icon with the mountain-and-sun-painting. Add the link, that's it.

    You can check the link in a second browser window in "anonymous" mode to simulate another user without the site's cookies. Reason: Often only you can see the image because the browser knows it, but others don't see it if the target is not a direct static link. If I for example click on your link the image appears, until I leave or reload the forum page.
  • oddball otoole
    oddball otoole
    Blender 2.8 is different indeed, but i'm getting the hang of it!

    As far as the copybotted stuff; I just going to create my own stuff.

    And another try at adding pictures to a post:

    (This is a scene in blender i'm working on, just to get to know blender 2.8. I will try to upload it, and see if it rezzes in-world. prolly not, but who knows!)

  • Eryn Galen
    Eryn Galen
    LOL, Newbie indeed. You have gotten further in 2.8 than I have ;-)
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  • oddball otoole
    oddball otoole
    Blender is fun!
    I even managed to create a simple animation with it:

    As far my plans for my region; I'm gonna build a new guitar museum over the next couple of months.

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