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I saw in the Region Information that my server has a "Bad" rating. I wonder what I might do about this. What determines the rating?

My server machine is a 2011 mac mini running Bodhi linux with 4 GB of RAM. I have several regions on it. I use the latest Metro PLUS version of opensim. I am also using the machine to run Minecraft for the kids.

I live in Chicago and my ping time averages 126ms -- not much I can do about that. I have quite a good internet connection and the server is connected by ethernet to the router.

I'd be interested in know what factors go into the rating and how I can monitor this information myself. Obviously, I want to improve the rating.

I can cut back on the regions or perhaps move Minecraft to another machine -- but if the ping time is a key factor, then that wouldn't make much difference.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions.



  • Sheera Khan
    Sheera Khan
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    Hi Em,

    there's not much to be worried about and even less you could possibly do about the rating. This rating is a summary of several figures regarding the responsiveness of your server regarding requests made by the grid services. One factor is the ping time which is intrinsically bad for computers 5000 miles away. As Metropolis has the majority of servers placed in germany (or at least Europe) the average rating means ping times of about 50ms or less^^. Other fctors are reaction times to requests measuring the "speed" of the server and additional delays i.e. if you are using dynDNS. That rating was just added as a debugging aid and doesn't apply to the content or fun you can have on that region:-)

    Enjoy your server and ignore the rating ;-)


    PS.: If you are interested in why and how this tool was developed just have a look at the thread http://forum.hypergrid.org/innovations/performance-test-der-angeschlossenen-regionen-server-t3535.html. Prepare to read some german though^^. On the second page Lena wrote:
    Huhu Metros,

    der erste Performance-Test ist gelaufen.

    Vorneweg muss ich nochmals darauf hinweisen, dass es hier NUR um die Response-Zeiten der angeschlossenen Server geht. Also nicht um die Leistungsfähigkeit der Simulatoren. Bei der Response-Zeit spielen folgende Dinge eine Rolle:

    - Internet-Anbindung
    - Standort des Servers
    - Auslastung des Servers
    - Leistungsfähigkeit des Servers
    - Zwischenschaltung eines Forwarder-Dienstes (dynDNS)

    Wie schnell auf einer Region gerezzt werden kann und wie die Scripte ausgeführt werden, das wird nicht gecheckt.

    Jetzt zu den "relativen" Response-Zeiten: Allgemein sieht es sehr gut aus. Das lässt darauf schließen, dass die meisten Rechner NICHT als Home-Server laufen. 50% der angeschlossenen Server haben gute bis hervorragende Response-Werte (bis zu 10 ms). Ca. 20% aller angeschlossenen Server haben einen annehmbaren Wert (von 11 bis 50 ms). Ca. 30% aller angeschlossenen Rechner haben dagegen schlechte bis miserable Werte (51 bis 699 ms).

    In den letzten 30% dürften wohl die Home-Server zu Hause sein. Da gehen die Response-Zeiten rasant in die Höhe und liegen im Mittel bei 200ms. Evtl. sind es auch Server die in den USA oder Australien stehen. Da müssen die Datenpakete über mehrere Knoten laufen.

    Die Einzelergebnisse erscheinen dann demnächst im Regions-Management. Wir können uns ja dann noch darüber unterhalten, ob die Response-Zeit auch bei den allgemein zugänglichen Regionsdaten angezeigt werden sollen. Das macht durchaus Sinn, wenn man einen zukünftigen Regions-Nachbarn einschätzen will.

    Viele Grüße!

    So the rated response time takes into account the following parameters:
    - Internet-connection
    - placement of the servers
    - load on the servers
    - performance of the servers
    - additional delays (dynDNS, proxy-server etc)

    The ratings are:
    good: 0 - 10 ms
    average: 11 bis 50 ms
    bad: 51 bis 699 ms


  • Emil_Jannings
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    Thanks Sheera for providing the details and thanks to Google translate too!. It's good to know I don't have to worry. I can't do much about my ping time and that seems to be the main source of the problems. I do have dynDNS but don't use it in this setup. (I will double check that).

    When I set up my current regions I used the "isolate" feature because I've often had neighbor regions that threw a lot of errors my way. But now I realize that "isolate" is also a way to keep my slower server from having an impact on a faster neighbor.

  • Data Rossini
    Data Rossini
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    Hi Em,

    Don't worry. I would not overestimate that.
    I have a Mac Mini 2010 with Linux and "Response Class" "Bad" too.
    The Ping-Time from Heise "http://www.heise.de/netze/tools/ping/"; to my server at 3dsim.servegame.com is round about 23 ms.
    Don't know what is being tested here exactly

    Best wishes
  • Mareta Dagostino
    Mareta Dagostino
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    The ping is measured between the grid servers of Metro and the region. There are a lot of effects (as mentioned above) which have influence on the rating. Please have in mind, that this rating was intended originally to help the server operators. So, if you live in far distance to Kassel(?) or Gießen(?), it's better not to worry about that and find own measurements to rate the performance of your server.

    EDIT: The most simple measurement would be to take your Ava inworld, try region crossings, rezz objects from inventory (which are not already in the region cache), and compare that for example with the Metro sandbox south of *Centerworld*.

    Have fun tinkering,
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