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timothy hoxley
timothy hoxley
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I am having issues importing a clients OAR, it is a pretty heft filled asset OAR file. I don't want to say the user's name in public, but I sent an email to yesterday with no reply so I thought I would post here and perhaps get closer to a resolution.

Brief background, is the OAR imports on local opensim instance, and other grids I have tested with, but it just seems to take about 3 hours and only produces like only 12 prims out of the 40k prims and only appears to happen on metropolis, the issue doesn't occur locally. I hope someone can get back to me, and I can pass staff the OAR to attempt to look into the issue. Thanks :)


  • Lena Vanilli
    Lena Vanilli
     Administrator edited 1:34PM
    As I wote to you this morning via mail, this could have many reasons. We can see nothing at the grid services logfiles.
    but I sent an email to yesterday with no reply
    Oh, between 10:00 pm and 06:00 am I usually sleep. ;)
  • KahnKhalim
     Member edited 1:34PM

    My oars (quite large) took about 3 hours to load, then about an hour to cache back to the sim, in which Items slowly rezzed as they cached (mostly after the cache).. its slow 5000 miles away, but it does work.

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