Loading problems on my sims

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I hope this issue has not been posted before. search doen't really seem to work well as I imput queries in english, and not many relevent results are found.

I added 2 simulators using the downloadable version from metro download page.
I made opensim.ini modifications, but just enough to get the sim online and change a few permissions, which I highly doubt has any affect on this problem...
My sims load fine. No errors.
but my avatar, and those who come to my land do not rez, even rebake does not work.
inventory also does not load...
If I go to a Metro sim, everything loads fine.
I thought maybe it was an asset server mis-configuration, but I was able to load OARS.
can grab items out of my inventory only after I first go to a metro plaza sim to load first.
after that, I can come back to my sim, and things work fine.

Any Ideas?

Kahn Khalim


  • Eryn Galen
    Eryn Galen
     Member edited 10:34AM
    Hi, try to have a look if XBakes is disabled in the Opensim.ini. I use Arriba myself, where it is disabled by default.
  • KahnKhalim
     Member edited 10:34AM
    Eryn, unfortunately, not that simple :)
    The Metro distro has it disabled as default also

    Thanks anyways :)
  • KahnKhalim
     Member edited 10:34AM
    anyone got any ideas?
  • Sheera Khan
    Sheera Khan
     Member edited 10:34AM
    Hi Khan,

    did you create a new database for your regions or do you reuse the database you used while your regions were connected to OSG?

    I don't have an immediate idea about the problem but maybe it could help if you could provide the name of a region to test.


  • Anette
     Member edited 10:34AM
    Hi Khan,
    you have the Ports 8001 - 8006 open? TCP & UDP
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