Minethere Always
Minethere Always
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Couchie coo Metropolitans,

I was just wondering about something.

In region management>region details

there is this MapTexture-UUID:

Is this where I could put my own graphic that would show on map searches? If so, I guess this would be the UUID of a photo that must be in my inventory? If so, I would imagine there is some rules pertaining to photo sizing and such.

If so, it seemed like something to play around with for a little fun. Thank you Metro!!


  • Mareta Dagostino
    Mareta Dagostino
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    Yes, the best option is to load an appropriate picture into the grid. It must have the same pixels per side as the region has meters per side, for a standard region 256x256. The UUID (see below) you can see inworld in the properties of the object.

    You must check and eventually change two parameters in OpenSim.ini:
    MapImageModule = "MapImageModule"
    GenerateMaptiles = false

    And then you must set for each of the regions in Regions.ini a static maptile:
    MaptileStaticUUID = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
    ; * Region Specific Static Maptiles:
    ; * Important: To use any kind of texture *assets* as a static maptile, the following
    ; * things must be set in the [Map] section of OpenSim.ini :
    ; *
    ; *  MapImageModule = "MapImageModule"
    ; *  GenerateMaptiles = false
    ; *
    ; * Now, there is a setting in [Map] in OpenSim.ini called
    ; *
    ; *  MaptileStaticUUID = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
    ; *
    ; * where, given the criteria above, lets you specify the UUID of a texture asset to use
    ; * as a maptile *Simulator Wide*. Here, you can override that on a per region basis for
    ; * Simulators that run multiple regions:
    ; MaptileStaticUUID = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
  • Minethere Always
    Minethere Always
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    Ah, ty Mareta.

    I am referring to the Metro tools.

    So now I will experiment with that as my feelings about it may work. I will know today sometime.
  • Mareta Dagostino
    Mareta Dagostino
     Member edited 1:40PM
    Ah ok.

    If you modify that entry, it works only for the Metro Tools (for example the ). You may have a look at "Foresta", where I have replaced the texture a few minutes before. Inworld you see what the server produces. And maybe, after some time my "Test" image (lila word Test on blue ground) will be replaced by an updated inworld image from the server.

    EDIT: Some hours and a server crash later, the "Test" map now is overwritten with the inworld map. As the consequence this entry should be seen as read only, otherwise one would need to implement an additional feature "do not overwrite this entry with the inworld map value". As implemented now, the manually replaced map UUID will be reset after some hours, when the Metro-Updater comes along.

    Yours Mareta
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