How to build a wall.(or how to use the align tool and planar

oddball otoole
oddball otoole
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Hello dear friends!

I have been talking to a lot of people in metro the last couple of days, some just wanted to chat, some just wanted a mystical cave, some just wanted to date me (Not gonna tell you her name, but it begins with a B and ends with 'ertha', and some just wanted some advise on how I build stuff...
And that is cool! I don't have time to do my favourite RL thing (potty for oddy, oddy loves s(h)itting on the potty!) anymore, but hey!! This is the new web 3.0! I am waiting for the devs to create an OpenSim potty module btw, with live stream, adjustable camera's and smell module....But that is something for the (near?) future.

Anyways, I have been directing a lot of folks to a little tutorial i wrote some time ago. It explains in 4 easy to follow steps how to build a simple wall using the align tool and using planar textures to align the textures on that wall. I thought it might be a good idea to share the link here, so I can say: Look it up in the metro forum... :twisted:

So here it is folks, the only tutorial you will ever need to create a cool wall:

PS: I use pictures in all my tutorials!


  • Sheera Khan
    Sheera Khan
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    Huhu Oddy,

    cool tutorial^^ I enjoyed it very much and I didn't really know about the align textures feature before *blushes*. That saves so many tedious work! Thank you


  • Eryn Galen
    Eryn Galen
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    Lil addendum: The Planar align works as long as you do not try it on curved sides of prims.
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