Creating new varregion, issues loading oars

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I am creating a 1024x1024 varregion on the metropolis grid using the metropolis build of opensim and it seems to be up and running with the default region. But when i try and load in a oar to the 768,768 area it goes for a while at cpu 3-5% and then 10 minutes or so later the cpu goes to 100% and the sim locks up. Not even ctrl-c interupts it i have to kill it from another shell session.

Can someone help me? I can give you shell access if so...



  • fstltna
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  • Servex Congrejo
    Servex Congrejo
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    Hello, a Var region needs a slightly different setting.
    1 .: The servers must be capable of 64-bit
    2 .: in (OpenSim.ini) area Startup setting according to the processor should be, So, for example, 10 cores in a dual-core processor 10X30 = 300
    If you do not know enau I recommend the following settings:
    MaxPoolThreads = 300
    MinPoolThreads = 30
    3 .: (OpenSim.ini) The command:
    ThreadStackSize = 262144
    best on:
    ThreadStackSize = 2621440
    4 .: (OpenSim.ini) The command:
    AsyncLLCommandLoopms = 500
    best of
    AsyncLLCommandLoopms = 50
    5 .: (OpenSim.ini) The command:
    physics = OpenDynamicsEngine
    chance in
    physics = BulletSim

    Then there solltes be no major problems with Var region.

    Servex Congrejo
  • fstltna
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    Not sure what the problem was, but i did most of those things and now it is working. My guess is that i forgot to set physics to bulletsim... Thanks!
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