yoshiwara gone?

Minethere Always
Minethere Always
 Member edited August 2015 in Search & Find
I just tried looking for yoshiwara region of Josina Burgess, is it gone for good?

It was a great place to send people for full perm AOs.


  • Sheera Khan
    Sheera Khan
     Moderator edited 10:39AM
    Huhu Mine,

    unfortunatly Yoshiwara is gone quite some time ago :-( I miss that place too....


  • Minethere Always
    Minethere Always
     Member edited 10:39AM
    aww darn ty for letting me know
  • Magnuz Binder
    Magnuz Binder
     Member edited 10:39AM
    Last connected to Metropolis 2015-01-18, and yes, it is a pity it is gone.
  • Eryn Galen
    Eryn Galen
     Moderator CreativeGroup edited 10:39AM
    Hey Miney. If you are after full perm AO´s try Aqua Dark :)
  • Minethere Always
    Minethere Always
     Member edited 10:39AM
    ok thank you Eryn-) I was going to refer someone there, so I will go by Aqua Dark and find them so I can refer them there-)
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