i am back afterward

savino svm
savino svm
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most people are thinking and Guest123456 is posible who know.. rubbing your belly and patting your head.. well this is not bad she have a good reason for rubbing your belly and patting your head.../Quote soon headache..

one as most other days has i OpenSim grids in general some of them.. tired you know them go off or them are back and gone back gone back ...so i think i think time for a Litle change and have take breaks for other projects some are know and some are top secrets.../Bored

afterwards i come back and notings is changed one change is them kill PID 789 megaregions and more not...what have you all this time done a full year...

whatever it is not i am /away i notings see or read.. i am just in .Hypernate sleepmodus

i read some womens are create a VuZzz of a Book this remeber my as a RadioStoryBook .allone without sounds..

whatever i am back and hope see some of you inworlds...



  • Minethere Always
    Minethere Always
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    Welcome back you crazy Dutchman :lol: :mrgreen: :o
  • Luzifer Diabolo
    Luzifer Diabolo
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    Hi Savino and welcome,

    but what a horrible writing. Next time write in Dutch, perhaps I can follow more the sense, thank you :lol:
  • savino svm
    savino svm
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    horror is my name :P
  • Neovo Geesink
    Neovo Geesink
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    Welcome Back Savino SVM.

    I am Dutch as well.

    There are quite a few Duch people here around at Metropolis, so Writing Dutch, with the question to have it translated to English will perfectly do.

    Or, ans the most of the Metropolis Metaversum visitors are German, German will do the best afcourse.

    Greetings, and again, Welcome Back!

    Welkom terug Savino SVM

    Ik ben ook Nederlands.

    Er zijn hier best een aantal Nederlanders op Metropolis, dus je kan het prima in het Nederlands schrijven en een vraag voor een vertaling naar het Engels erbij plaatsen zal uitstekend werken.

    Anders, sinds de meeste bezoekers van Metropolis Metaversum van Duitse afkomst zijn, Duits zal dan het beste zijn.

    Met vriendelijke groet, en opmieuw, Welkom terug!

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