people ask Desktop VS Server..who is it..

people ask me some time what is ubuntu Server edition and what is Desktop Edition..

well here is a example on dubble screens what them are this versions
Server edition is created for servers on datacenters and are not pretty looked liked screens some time want you hate this ssh shell..
or name TTY..
and Desktop is full created with a Desktop with software office webbrowser email music players most people know on Windows of Apple with start shutdowns and clock on it..
this is named as Gui..kde gnome X litestift..

Server edition is with most of time for installations with ftp webservers and game emulations minecraft or opensim
and most need you self install java apache php mysql or mono-comilers screen.. or what you most like whatevers...
server is most of time not visible and is hide and do them tasks in background with jobs..

but believe me i hide now....
Back to Desktop....

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