Lena Vanilli
Lena Vanilli
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Plastichansa Bade hat sich mächtig ins Zeug gelegt und aus unserer Welcome-Region  *Metropolis* ein WinterWonderLand gezaubert. Er hat wieder einmal sehr viel Liebe und Zeit auf die Details verwendet. Und herausgekommen ist ein grandioses Szenarium!
Danke Plasti! :)


Plastichansa Bade changed our Welcome-Region *Metropolis* to a real WinterWonderLand. He once again spent plenty of time, love and creativity to create all the details. And the result is a terrific scenario!

Thanks Plasti! :)


  • plastichansa
    good morning, I would like to know how many sims dedicated to Christmas there in Metropolis, to shoot a new video of the Christmas parties in Metropolis Grid ...

    Could the addresses of the sims so that I can go filming and so that all residents know where they can have fun this Christmas.
    Thank you very much.
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