a christmas memory real strory..

a Christmas story started one day when I was walking when I saw a light on my mini map a green dot I thought
ohohoh kuch kuch I'm not alone so I know I was drunk at that time this can not...
but not really drunk to see and that was a shined light.. i popup my radar and yep there has a women half sexy dressed as ruth avatar.
named as >>> minethere on a small list i see me self and her so far...
on this weard radar.. got i setup ny radar sound got i it better believe...drunk or not..
she say hi.. i say also hi.. as we are both shy or so. seems we are try us first call in a dark phone cell.. whatever...
one thing I never forgot was she had no sim.. she told me I have no region i am new yes correct this night see i on her profiel shame you ..
logical newbies have not sims.Mr spock say logical is not logical as is there not a logical system...correct thanks Mr spock...
oh...but i saw her after what need i say..now more shy and red in my ears..never thoucht a newbie is all trouble let it go can i not
...i am to brave for dump newbies...
and told her an avatar without a sim I can not go with that idea...i think i go try a way spent some time for setup all this weardyboo stuff..
named opensim configs..inis.
times are later a half hour later deployed sim....tou tou tou You region is Ready say one server of this grid..
i.popup in and minethere after my as a smal puppy...
minethere has ready with her half sexy ruth avatar.. sim has done 2 hours later... first thing i never forget she created has a chaped head..
i main heart..

but i can allone say on opensim find you allone weard of some love...up to you ....
has i santa on this moment i know it not but my shaped heart is on minethere...

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