knoppix 8.1 opensim mono nighty is ready for knoppix and some older 7.1 versions

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here is time for tests last version of mono and this reason got i think sweep it on topic

can i run opensim on a knoppix distro YES..exept debian 7.

download knoppix 8.1 burn iso

download mono 5.8.10 nightybuild...
untar you archive most time sit this under /home/knoppix Downloads/

>>>>>root access su Enter not forgote this also for run opensim in total.<<<<<.
tar -zxvf archivename.tar.gz

for install mono is open archive folder then easy

for install dpkg -i *.deb  Enter  more not

so and go with tested version opensim 91

bla bla you know how opensimworks most of time Bored can better ...
most stuff is done just create a new login and name region is done so go on it...
with command :// Create user. and recreate a new login password yep

as all are correct then think i you are in region testbed  ....

hugs savino

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