ubuntu16-64bits Desktop Edition.... NightBuild Mono 5.13 offline installer dpkg -i *.deb

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here you have a last nightbuild offline installer tested with opensim 9.1
download link
>>>>> ; <<<<<<
here you go....
extracted with folder sudo -i root and you password
tar -zxvf archivename.tar.gz

open archive folder /root or where you have uncompressed...
dpkg -i *.deb and wait 
then done go in a fresh terminal ,mono --version and as all are ok see you last mono 5.13 nightbuild 7 -3-2018
have funZzz



  • Pius Noel
    Pius Noel
    What are the advantages? Why do I need this?
  • savino
     Member edited March 2018
    this is for people want a Desktop version and as wanted play opensim on a way when not  internet is posible.. also i have craate some time ago a  knoppix on a usb stick with opensim on it..
    how reason is just for people as a private school can have a LAn with easy install without internet or can give demo`s ..example.my friend got a time low internet with a low bandwide and so have i started of this  project with distros with opensim intergrated. and i hope  spread more opensimsticks in future..
    but advances is last updates of ;mono...better forward for next opensim versions in future...
  • savino
     Member edited March 2018
    people this go about desktop edition of ubuntu16 not about server versions ...
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