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HuHu Everyone.

I've been waiting for a while to use opensim 0.9.1 to support my Metro regions and I'm not seeing any official movement in that direction.  I thought I would just try it myself as I am going to make a server change anyway. 

Several comments mention that 0.8.3 has special stuff just for Metro and I know about some of it in the Region.ini files -- though I think 0.9.1 also implements that now.

What I really need is a list of the things I need to change in 0.9.1 in order to make it work here.  I know several users have it running and I'm hoping you will share your insights.

And thank you in advance.



  • Mareta Dagostino
    Mareta Dagostino
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    Hi Emil,

    the only thing (from resident's perspective) in the Metro edition which will not work on 0.9.x is the "SYSTEMIP" feature in the Regions.ini file. In the original OpenSim a parameter with the same name exists, but it behaves diverse. So, if you have a static IPv4 address, simply insert that real IP instead of "SYSTEMIP". If your provider does not support a permanent IPv4 address, you can use a "dynDNS" service. They give you a permanent subdomain which is automatically connected to your actual IPv4. Then, you can insert that subdomain name instead of "SYSTEMIP".

    Of course, if you use the OSgrid example, you must replace the references to OSgrid with the equivalents of Metropolis. Also Metro has the new groups module and does not need the old "OpenSimSearch" module. But these differences are the same as in 0.8.x.

    Features of 0.9 which need grid support will not work as long as Metro grid runs on 0.8. Region-only features (like physics and scripting for example) work.

    Regards, Mareta
  • Emil_Jannings
    Thank you Mareta for this detailed reply.  I do have an "dynDNS" address and will use it. 

    When you mention the "OSgrid example" do you mean the entire package of OpenSim.exe and the various bin folders that I can download from Osgrid?  Or perhaps you just mean the Regions.ini file.

    I see the Groups module in 0.8.3 Metro addition.  

    I have just moved my Metro regions to a new server and will let that settle down before I try changing the opensim software.  

    Thanks again.

  • Mareta Dagostino
    Mareta Dagostino
    Hi Emil,

    I mean the configuration files: OpenSim.ini, GridCommon.ini, Regions.ini. Eventually (if used and the defaults do not fit) also osslEnable.ini and FlotsamCache.ini. If you load binaries from OSgrid these config files are prepared for OGgrid. You must compare them with the equivalent files from the Metro edition and fix the references to URLs and modules.

    The binaries you can take from the download (which is the most recent if you don't compile yourself) or the old 0.9.0 from .
    I would not recommend 0.9.0, the OpenSim devs have fixed a lot in the last months.

    Kind regards,
  • DeeLisdun

    I got the most up-to-date 0.9.1. sources and compiled them without issue on Windows 10 machine. Uploaded to OpenSuse server, copied the 5 .ini files mentioned above over... and it worked! Not only worked but some persistent stuck attachments on my avatar became unstuck.

    Also, previously, I'd get mono crashes. Bit early to say for sure, but at least so far - about 24 hours - it's been running stable. Possibly a little bit faster than osgrid version too, as it looks like they compiled that with the debug stuff on.

    My changes to  metro defaults are static IP and mySQL.

    So, based on my experience, I'd recommend giving your own compiling a try. I used Visual Studio 2017, some of the guides mention versions that won't work anymore.

    Good luck,
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  • Emil_Jannings
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    Yesterday I got the latest opensim package from osgrid (05.04.18 - 0.9.1).  I moved the config-include folder from my old metro installation to the new software and also moved my Regions.ini file.  In Regions.ini I replaced SYSTEMIP with my server IP and ran it.  It seemed to take forever on the first go but it ran and is faster and handles teleports really well.  I was having mono 4.8.0 crashes with 0.8.3 and so far 0.9.1 seems much more solid.
    Thanks to everyone who responded.

    p.s. you also will need to set the listener port in OpenSim.ini -- I use 9000 which is the default
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