Explanations to the GDPR [Part 2]

Lena Vanilli
Lena Vanilli
 Administrator in General Themes

The second part of the GDPR/DSGVO-Explanations:


Cookie Permission

Almost every website uses cookies. If you have Wordpress or Joomla in use, it certainly does anyway. If this is also the case with your website, then you must inform your visitors with the first call of your web page. You may have seen on other websites that a small bar with the text opens up, that you use cookies and that you need your consent for further use of the website.

This is therefore a simple notification, which is usually only displayed once. This notification can also include a link to your own data protection guidelines.

There are ready-made modules that can easily be integrated into your own website:

 - Cookie permission Wordpress
 - Cookie permission JScript
 - Cookie permission Joomla

You should also install this consent request for another reason: Google rejects pages that do not have this cookie query built in. ;)

And above all: This query must be made the first time the webpage is displayed and it must be displayed immediately. So without having to click anywhere else. HYPERGRID-BUSINESS, for example, installed it incorrectly. You have to click on "Privacy" below before it is displayed. This is not Google-compliant and also not GDPR/DSGVO-compliant.

All right. And now we wish you a lot of fun with your GDPR/DSGVO-compliant websites.

Kind regards,
Your METRO Team


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