Digital Biennale Press Conference - September 17, 2018

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The first digital Bienniale for immersive interactive art, based on opensimulator goes real on September 17, 2018 in Berlin. It will be shown for the press at 6pm [18:00 Berlin time] in the Press Conference Room and for artists attending the event at 7pm [19:00} in a closed session at KW Institute, Berlin. The public opening happens on September 20th at 1:00 PM PDT [22:00]. Avatars can reach the installation via hyperjump. The Biennale grid is native embedded in the Metropolis grid, but runs on its own dedicated servers by OVH Paris.

Die erste digitale Biennale für immersive Kunst öffnet ihre Tore am 17. September in Berlin in Kunst Werke e.V. -  KW-Institut. Eingeladen sind Vertreter der Presse und teilnehmende Künstler. Die Pressekonferenz ist um 18:00 Uhr, die Eröffnung um 19:00 Uhr. Am 20. September ist die Eröffnung im Metropolis Grid. Nach VISIT 1Biennale in Map suchen.

The Grand Opening of the Santorini Biennale, including the Digital Section IMMERSIVIA, happens on November 1st in Santorini, Greece.

PRESS CONFERENCE: 18:00 h local time GRAND OPENING BERLIN: 19:00 h & Presentation of the book LIVING IN A CODED WORLD – HANDOUT to contributors. End about at 20:30 

For indepth information on both events, please visit:


Look up for corresponding announcements around the Santorini Biennale.
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