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hello. I am gooing to help my friend to upgrade from 083 to the latest before mingration happens. I am wondering how is the best way to do it withaout loosing everythink on the land and the inventory ao he dose not have to start all over agen? Can someone tell me that?


  • Mareta Dagostino
    Mareta Dagostino
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    Hi Danni,

    if he can effort the one-time payment of 5€ for each avatar your friend owns, he could use the service of the Metro admins: https://metropolis.hypergrid.org/avatrans.php

    In that case all Avatar data included IAR will be transferred in a safe and secure mode.

    If your friend has regions on self-hosted servers, he must create OAR backups on his own for each region. For example he can use that recipe: https://hyperweb.eu/OpenSim_0.8/OAR_backup

    Kind regards,
  • Pius Noel
    Pius Noel
    In addition to Maretas important suggestions for a safe migration I would like to refer to paragraph 3 on page 3 in the the PDF Mareta mentioned above. It states:
    3 What happens to my self-hosted regions?

    If not already done so, you should make a backup (OAR file) of your region(s) in the "old METRO" before 24th of February 2019. After this date, a data backup will no longer be possible.

    A tutorial for connecting remotely hosted regions to the "new METRO" will be available on 24th of February 2019.

    You should consider already now that in the future a cost sharing of 1.50 Euro per month/region will be charged for the connection of a region to the "new METRO". 
    So far, Metropolis always offered a slightly modified edition of the Opensimulator software, that works best for the grid.

    Therefore, I'm waiting for the tutorial for connecting my regions to avoid unnessesary work and potential conflicts in case Metropolis continues to provide a modified and stable release.
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