Metropolis dramatic drop in popularity ?

Hello Metros,

Did the metropolis grid drop dramatically in popularity as measured by "active users" on It seems that more than half of the people have left Metro grid.

Top 25 most popular grids this month:

1. OSgrid: 4,030 active users (HG
2. Metropolis: 3,365 active users (HG

Top 25 most popular grids this month:

1. OSgrid: 4,531 active users (HG
2. Metropolis: 3,216 active users (HG

Top 25 most popular grids this month:

1. OSgrid: 4,602 active users (HG
2. GreekLife: 2,312 active users (HG
3. Metropolis: 1,930 active users (HG

Top 25 most popular grids this month:

1. OSgrid: 4,464 active users (HG
2. 3D Love: 2,904 active users (HG
3. GreekLife: 1,996 active users (HG
4. Tag Grid: 1,826 active users
5. Sacrarium: 1,730 active users (HG
6. DigiWorldz: 1,691 active users (HG
7. Metropolis: 1,565 active users (HG

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  • Lena Vanilli
    Lena Vanilli
     Administrator edited July 2019
    *** English Version Below ***

    Huhu @josjoha,

    ja, das ist ein Fakt. Aber das war abzusehen und irgendwo auch gewollt. Zum einen, weil sich jetzt Jeder, der bauen will, auch verifizieren muss. Und zum Anderen auch, weil der Anschluss der selbst gehosteten Regionen nicht mehr kostenlos ist.

    Durch diese Massnahmen haben die Metro-User weniger Ärger mit Griefern, Trollen, Copybotern und Spinnern. Denn die zahlen keinen Euro. :) Mit den reduzierten Regions-Anbindungen haben wir mehr Performance, was sich günstig auf die Regionen auswirkt, füpr die jetzt 1,50 Euro im Monat gezahlt wird.

    Mit diesen geringfügigen Zahlungen wird sichergestellt, dass die Metro auch weiterhin eines der sichersten und schnellsten Grids bleibt. :) 

    Viele Grüße

    *** English Version ***

    Huhu @josjoha ,

    yes, that's a fact. But that was foreseeable and wanted somewhere. On the one hand, because everyone who wants to build now has to verify. And on the other hand, because the connection of the self-hosted regions is no longer free.

    Through these measures, the Metro users have less trouble with Griefers, Trolls, Copybotern and Troublemaker. Because they do not pay a Euro. :) With the reduced region connections, we have more performance, which has a positive effect on the regions, which are now paid 1.50 euros a month.

    These small payments will ensure that the Metro remains one of the safest and fastest grids. :)


  • josjoha
    Hello Lena,

    I hope it will all work out. My regions are now "Athletic" in Ferd's performance scale, so it certainly is amazingly much faster (it used to be about 10-15 FPS server) and objectively very good; viewer is also fast (all on same PC). I agree with you that loosing land and people who do not want to help with the cost is perhaps no loss, and loosing trouble makers is even better.

    Unfortunately there where also people who left because they didn't even know and later found out their avi was gone, or maybe other reasons. In any case, that leaves perhaps only one thing: the hypergrid, possibly related to the changing of the URL to, which apparently the other grids may not be able to follow.  Is it now the case that hypergrid will remain partially broken, or is there a project to solve on the metro-grid side that other grids still think we are on "hypergrid" if that is even possible ?

    I would not like to leave Metro-grid because the hypergrid seems to be at least partially broken, however I have been looking at it in order to have a working hypergrid connection to all other grids. If for whatever reason - regardless of "whose fault" it is - the hypergrid will remain broken, I may have to move. Is there any idea for when these problems will be fixed, is there any project going on about it, or does the metro team think that the current performance of the hypergrid is acceptable ?
  • Sylvia Sonoda
    Sylvia Sonoda
     Member edited July 2019
    I applause the connection fee. It is to my opinion a good method to avoid empty landmass and cover some costs. I do not think it is the cause of the popularity drop.
    That said, I had many regions on Metropolis with several users for many years. We never experienced any Griefers, Trolls or Troublemakers. (Essentially it is using three different words for about the same anyway)  Leaves only illegal copying left as a reason to obligate identification. Copying is done everywhere on OpenSim and in SL. I am not sure if the balance between losing popularity and avoiding illegal copying is well thought of. I think the downgrading of Metro is because of it becoming harder to be around anonymous without having to even think about it. Any rule causes people to leave. The less rules, the better. However I do understand there has to be a workable balance. Like once was the goal of Metropolis, it should be debated in a democratic way. Like other grids, Metro is run by a small group of persons. Small group  of people are more likely to think narrower. Especially when they  have some kind of status or power. The smaller the team, the bigger the power per person. The social and community aspect is the most important thing to have a successful grid. My tip for future changes: Metro should try to get a larger group of different kind of people rule again. The original goal back on the table. Let community efforts lead again. I know that is the hardest part. Good luck :)
    p.s. The reason we left Metro is partly because of the announcement at first, that signing up or having an avatar meant one had to pay and ID itself. The other reason was the announcement of upgrading to the newer series of OpenSim wich I knew meant everything will become less stable and more troublesome. We already have OSgrid with this problems to deal with on a daily basis and the potential lease market was getting too small in Metro to have to deal with technical issues once again from scratch.

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