Region Fees page "Currently no fees to pay"

I got the email today (Sep 1st) about self-hosted region fees, which is as it should be. The region fees page however, despite listing -0,10 as balance, still had the "There are currently no fees to pay!" text.

Also, why 0,10 instead of 1,50? The region currently has only the terrain set up, so is it based on the fact there are ~0 (there might be one or two) objects?

Payment itself went through fine and now shows positive balance as it should.


  • Copper Tomsen
    Copper Tomsen
     Member edited September 2019
    Sims below 200 prim are just this cheap. More than 200 prim then is 1,50€.
    I have this "no fees to pay text too..But a minus in balence.
     I wrote a mail to gridmaster.
    When I want to pay my minus balance, then there is no price set into the paypal (taken from the fees board). So I cant send money.
  • Neovo Geesink
    Neovo Geesink
     Member Moderator
    You still can pay.
    In the left field, "price per Item", You can fil out the amount you want to pay by clicking there, and type the amount with a dot (.)  as a seperator between Euros and Cents.

  • Copper Tomsen
    Copper Tomsen
    Yes. But before the ammount was automaticaly set there. So it can be possible that there is now another problem with the site. This info can be important to the admins, thats why I mentioned it here.
  • Lislo
    Same with me. I have a negative "Saldo" and there is the message "Es sind derzeit keine Gebühren zu begleichen!". Does not make sense to be. I went to Paypal and payed even more (yesterday evening).

    But now I have the problem, that I don't see my payment in the "Deine Gebühren und Zahlungen" überview. And I'm still in negative. Is this okay after >12 hours?
  • Copper Tomsen
    Copper Tomsen
     Member edited September 2019
    You only have to pay (if negative) what is in the price (Preis) field. The "saldo" is an overall outlook of what was payed. This is how I understood it. This was so confirmed by mail to me from gridmaster. This saying "you dont have to pay fees' seems to be a bug. It was diffrent at the beginning.
    This "saldo" field also confuses me :-)
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