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  • bertl
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    lol Uwe +daumen doch+ :)
    geht aber auch ohne js

    #uwe #grid #dixie #blues
  • Lena Vanilli
    Lena Vanilli
     Administrator edited 11:36PM
    Huhu Metros,

    hier nur der Hinweis, dass ich unter einem anderen Thread einen Workaround zu dem Thema Persistenz der Einstellungen gepostet habe:

    Viele Grüße
  • Richardus Raymaker
    Richardus Raymaker
     Member edited 11:36PM
    And by accident the URL's got updated because i needed to help someone else to login on metropolis.
    And metropolis still have not fixt anything on the page !, still slideshows. not suprissed if tehre's crappy video sometimes.
    And you can still not disable it. why it's so difficult to give just a static page !

    Where 1 year later !

    Now i need to fix it myself again by wiping things out. Or change xml.
  • Eryn Galen
    Eryn Galen
     Member edited 11:36PM
    Hey Rich.

    Lena did post a workaround!

    Huhu Metros,

    we have to face, that some viewers are not working correctly with Cookies. In this case, the settings for the Metro-LoginPage could not be saved permanently. Well, to solve this problem I made a little workaround. You can choose now the background of the Metro-LoginPage while changing the Login URL in your Viewer settings.

    And this are the URLs: (Shows an Image-SlideShow) (Shows a Video-SlideShow with Sound) (Shows a Video-SlightShow without Sound) (Shows just the Metro Logo)
    If your Viewer handles Cookies correctly, the stored settings from the Cookie will 'override' the parameter from the Login URL.

    Have fun!
  • Richardus Raymaker
    Richardus Raymaker
     Member edited 11:36PM
    Thanks Eryn.

    I would swear there where workaround, not found it. and forgot to ask.
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